Salisbury Baron Trail


In 2015, as part of the celebrations of 800 years since the sealing of Magna Carta, The Trussell Trust joined forces with Wild in Art and commissioned 25 baron statues to be decorated by artists and displayed in a city-wide trail.

Combining history, visual humour and local legend, Annaliese's baron, ‘Oh Deer!’ plays with the idea of past meeting present. From the local 'deer legend'* of the founding of the current Cathedral site to the more recent charming feathered residents nesting on the spire, this Baron aims to bring history to life.

 The barons were auctioned off in aid of the Trussell Trust foodbank charity.

*Legend has it that when the bishop of the old cathedral (situated at Old Sarum) was wondering where the new cathedral should be built, it was decided he would fire an arrow, and wherever the arrow landed would decide the new site. Upon shooting the arrow, however, it hit a deer, which ran for quite a distance before falling where the present site stands.


Photography by Ben Stoney